20 years of professional experience and strong financial background
make us a strong and reliable partner. National and international transportation (within Europe).


Our activity was originally centered around providing logistics and vehicle service to partner companies. The company owned two MAN trucks used for technological transportation of semi-trailers from production lines in France, Belgium, and other countries to final customers. It also owned two lorries for the distribution of spare parts from a central depot in Weiden to vehicle service centers across the Czech Republic. The company also offered the services of drivers for the transportation of new trucks from Germany to the Czech Republic. JD-TRANS’ vehicle fleet progressively grew, while at the same time the transportation industry faced new demands. In 2002 the JD-TRANS branched out, now offering independent transportation and international freight forwarding. In the 10 years that followed, JD-TRANS established its position on the market and became a valuable transportation partner for many national and international manufacturers and logistic centers. Today the company owns more than 30 trucks, including trucks with swap bodies.

EU transport license available here zde.
EU transport license available here zde.

20+ years of experience on the market
40+ vehicle units
1000000+ kilometers on the road

Current vehicle fleet